Robert FaureSeal Robert faure Sumi-e painting has Indian ink
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Exhibition at Molitor-Paris
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Exhibition at Molitor-Paris


Exhibition of Robert Faure

Molitor - Paris

6 october to 5th november 2017


Paintings of Robert Faure

Molitor, this magnificent space, is situated in the 16th district of Paris and was completely restored.

Inaugurated in 1929, for 60 years MOLITOR was the most popular swimming baths in Paris – with its two pools, galas and avant-garde ambience.
 It was closed in 1989 and listed as a Historical Monument. It then became the haunt of artists and the dilapidated building became the temple of the Paris underground.
 Ever-changing and daring, MOLITOR has always welcomed those with a taste for the unconventional. Together, they are the soul of MOLITOR, they built a legacy that simply demands to be passed on.
Through its programme and the Villa Molitor, its artist residency, MOLITOR is seeking once again to be a rallying point for the artistic and cultural community, open to Parisians.

Welcome to everybody !