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My artistic approach

Robert Faure, international painter
Contemporary designer in chinese ink


For 40 years I have painted Nature with Chinese ink and watercolour on papers made from cotton and trees, combining the 3,000 grey tones, from black to white, with subtle Far Eastern techniques.

If initially the world of Nature in all its forms worried my childish soul, little by little I was filled with wonder, as I came to appreciate the richness of its contrasts, its brightness, power and softness.

Sometimes close up, sometimes at great distance, I like to paint these surprising beauties veiled in light, preserving the silence of the spaces betwee, the volutes of the ink which diffuses outwards.

I remain captivated by the magic of ink and water, from which all the clarity, brightness and contrasts can emerge, including the most tender shadows.

When contemplating Nature, each form, each harmony, each equilibrium brings me to something more interior that I enjoy suggesting. I prefer to evoke rather thand describe by offering a source of dreams and serenity.

Today I keep on learning, always seduced by this art where simplicity is presented at the price of a gesture that cannot turn back on itself.

My artistic approach