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Castle of Sollies-Pont (Var - France)


Exhibition of Robert FAURE' at the castle of Sollies-Pont


"The spirit of the gesture"


and four of his students

recently graduated from the
International Academy of ink Painting


Castle of Sollies-Pont (Var - France)
 February 2019

Founder of the International Academy of Chinese ink Painting , Teacher and Painter, Robert Faure exhibited more than 20 pieces of his works, as well as 4 ceramics made in Jingdezhen in China.

In this context, Robert Faure invited four of his recently graduated students.

After several years of preparation and four years of study and intensive study and practice of monochrome painting, Mireille Amar, Françoise Lesage, Martine Thibaud and Jerome Edou participated in this exhibition at the Castle of Sollies-Pont, entitled :



Castle of Sollies-Pont (Var - France)