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Robert FAURE at EBEL house

Performance by Robert Faure at the Maison EBEL

In May 2016, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the EBEL house and the 100th anniversary of the design of the Villa Turque, EBEL announces the launch of the LA MAISON EBEL LIMITED EDITION collection.

The  Villa Turque, designed and built by the architect Le Corbusier, a native of La Chaux de Fonds and contemporary of Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy (EBEL), was acquired in  by EBEL in 1986 by La Maison EBEL.

It is in this setting that Robert Faure, with the collaboration of the DS agency, performed for the private clients of EBEL. He made various Sumi-e paintings in China ink for their great pleasure. 

He realized diverse paintings in sumie style in the Indian ink for the great pleasure of the guests.

Robert FAURE at EBEL house